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Today, "Art of Tech" opens at AFA Gallery in SoHo. 

The first conception of a computer was developed in 1801 by master silk weaver, Joseph Marie Jacquard - it was a mechanical loom that could run what we now understand as a ‘program’ to create detailed and elaborate textiles without painstaking manual labor. This was the first machine capable of automated task production, and the first known use of binary code. Though Jacquard’s loom performed a task we take for granted in it’s simplicity today, the technology eventually led to the groundbreaking work of inventors Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, and Alan Turing.


The Jacquard loom then is not just a relic, but the first ancestor, the Adam and Eve, to our modern computers. Because this history is all but forgotten in our understanding of humanity's digital maturation,  C O M P U T E R   1 . 0  seeks to pay homage to the forbearers of computer history. Textile artist Victoria Manganiello and designer Julian Goldman have collaborated in the creation of a striking representation of this digital ghost; a handwoven cloth, with a programmed kinetic surface that brings to mind data, code, and communication infrastructure. 


Jacquard’s loom was an enormous driver to the Industrial Revolution, simultaneously fostered the environment for the Luddite revolt as the work of thousands of laborers became increasingly mechanized.  C O M P U T E R   1.0 seeks to function as a historical lens that shows how our relationship to computing technology has always been fraught with juxtaposed promises of utopian and dystopian futures, while the reality consistently finds itself somewhere in between.


This installation reminds it’s onlookers that society has been grappling with a digital existentialism and the question of ‘are we better off?’ since the birth of programming itself. In this way, C O M P U T E R  1 . 0  is the physical display of the eternally uncertain potential of technology.



After a lot of excitement during "Function to Freedom", Sara Kay Gallery has invited me for a solo exhibition of my work. Please come see "Process and Presentation" open until March 17th- Sara Kay Gallery - 4 e 2nd Street, Manhattan. Press Release



With the utmost excitement, I share the opening of "Function to Freedom" at Sara Kay Gallery

Function to Freedom will feature approximately twenty handwoven quilts in brightly colored materials from rich velvets to feed sacks alongside an exceptional selection of abstract works by artists Helen Frankenthaler, Grace Hartigan, Elaine de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Yayoi Kusama, and Louise Nevelson. The exhibition will highlight the likeness of composition and freedom of expression shared by both mediums and periods. 


The exhibition will also include a site-specific installation by artist Victoria Manganiello. Made of cotton, linen, natural and synthetic dyes and aluminum, the installation will challenge our notion of the textile, bringing it into abstract sculptural form. The inclusion of a female contemporary artist complements the vision of the show, as Manganiello skillfully combines tradition, textiles and freedom of expression. PRESS RELEASE



"Striking Somewhere" Opens today at The Java Project. Open until November 4th! And we will be doing a studio visit on Saturday October 7th, 1pm at my studio. I look forward to sharing my practice and methods with you. 



Getting ready for Mordant NYC! Tickets available!! 


Great Studio visit with Nasim Mirzai who is curating my upcoming show at The Java Project, "Striking Somewhere" opening in September. 


Really cool to participate in the 100-year anniversary of the Prospect Park Alliance show "The Connective Project." I and a few other selected artists' work was used on windmills that were set in a garden of the park. The work was also on view at the Brooklyn Museum Shop and Pioneer Works! 


We hosted a "Mordant" dinner in Generator in Sofia this weekend. So fun!! This is the start to a new direction for the project. Kristin and I plan to take it around the world incorporating local food and local fiber with local people. Stay tuned for the film! 


Group show at "Creative Hub" in Sofia, Bulgaria, Opening today! 


After only a few weeks in Sofia, I have already found love for this great place. It was such a pleasure to share my practice in a Natural Color workshop at Creative Hub this past weekend. Thank you to all the new friends who came! And the local restaurants for giving us your avocado pits and onion skins. 


Its really fun working with DHG! I've partnered with them to work with their amazing wool tops and have been spinning it like crazy! 


A great end to my first semester with Parson's School of design. I taught classes in Materiality and Textiles this semester. 


New designs up on the Dane Co website. I have been working with Dane co for just over a year now! And it has been great to explore textiles within the furniture design context. Come see our rugs! 


I am so very excited to announce that my Dinner Party project will be realized again and this year, with Textile Month. Kristin Kremers will be documenting the project in her film about textiles and our ubiquitous relationships to cloth. Stay tuned for event details. We will be hosting 5 dinners so you can make sure to get a chance to stain the cloth with us! 




I am so so excited for a residency I'll be doing in Sofia, Bulgaria this summer! At an artist run organization called World of Co


Copy/Pasted, the interview with Austere Mag! 


I like to explain my work by sharing my process.  An obsession with the act of reordering or rearranging material is what compels me to utilize the processes I do to construct my paintings and installations. I start with raw fiber and pigment and then I spin, dye and weave them into a new form – the same material physically, just repurposed and totally unrecognizable. It is monotonous and time consuming but also meditative. Making something from start to finish is a demonstration of my existence along a timeline where every mark I make informs that which follows it. My work is familiar and soft – every human interacts with cloth intimately and constantly – and it is abstract and inviting, intended to be a place for any viewer to place themselves along a timeline like I have whether for them its linear or in some other order.


I am inspired by the history of the maker and of making. Our ability to create is at the essence of what makes us human. The rich history of textiles, ubiquitous and ancient, is also constantly evolving and I am fascinated and inspired by its connection to community and dialogue. I am an educator – I teach textiles at Parsons New School, as well as at the Textile Arts Center in Gowanus, Brooklyn and privately. Also, I run an artist critique group and I’ll take any chance I get to talk to people about art. It is a springboard for critical thinking and idea sharing.

In one of my classes at Parsons this semester, we are investigating the history, production and uses of dyes both natural and synthetic. During a time where sustainability and environmental practices are both so contentious and at risk, these kinds of conversations are especially important to be had by makers. The chance to engage young students with important issues, knowing that they as individuals have the power to make real change and impression upon the textiles and fashion industries, brings me so much fulfillment.


For years, I’ve been weaving my own canvases and it is a very central component of my practice but recently, I’ve been exploring painting on ready-made canvas. It’s a totally different approach but my experience with making my own canvases has led to some interesting discoveries with color and form that have been exciting to implement in a more traditional way of making contemporary painting.

Also, I’m looking forward to a solo show at Java Project in Greenpoint Brooklyn opening in Mid-March and I’ll be showing in the Spring Break Art Fair in March too. Stay tuned for details!


My favorite part of getting away is the literal “getting away” part. I love public transit and often crave an airport or a subway when I’m feeling lost. These spaces, which essentially belong to all (most) of us, are an incredible equalizer. This is especially true of Brooklyn where you will see all sorts of people on the subway, speaking all languages, wearing all kinds of clothing, transporting all kinds of things… nothing and everything is a surprise. I love this about public space and feel inspired by the constant and shifting stimulation even if I’m tuning it out behind a book or headphones. Also the act of moving, presumably towards a new place, is invigorating and the reminder that I have the ability to go, to move, to explore makes me feel whole. I believe in the collective conscious and the buzz of transit really activates that connection to the people around us


In my opinion, the purpose or rather the use of artwork is to stimulate a viewer, to provide them with the opportunity to develop new thoughts and opinions and reflect on their life and the world around them. And I like to work with abstraction because with it, I’m trying to create a space for any viewer to find themselves – there is room for anyone in abstraction.


It is great to be back in the classroom and I'm excited to share that I am now teaching in Parson's New School, School of Fashion. I have some really wonderful students and can't wait to share the wonderful world of textile production and materiality with them!


DHG, Dying House Gallery is an Italian resource for dyes, fibers and textile conversations. I had the pleasure of connecting with Annalisa at DHG over the past month. You can find an interview on their website and stay tuned for details for an upcoming collaboration between us. 


Design Milk! As both an artist and designer, it is great to find my artwork featured on a design blog. There is so much overlap and so much to say about the differences. 


Creator's Project! Woho! I spoke with Taylor Lindsey from Vice- check out the feature here. Its so important to have opportunities to tell your story- just the process of sharing it can be inspiring. 


It was such a pleasure to connect with the people at Feminist Wednesday and I'm glad for the opportunity to have been asked such important questions. Check out the interview here


Check out this feature on Creative Boom!! woho! 


Just returned from a fascinating and inspiring visit to South West Texas and Marfa! I brought some work with me to photograph it in a new context.


I'll be teaching "Dying with Flowers" at the Brooklyn Public Library next week -- October 11th from 6 to 9pm. Click here for more details.


It was such a pleasure to show my work in FRAY- thank you for coming to see it! 


Gowanus Loft will be hosting the artists in FRAY for an artist talk tomorrow, Sept. 26th at 7pm. Come hear more about our work and the journey we took together during the residency at the Textile Arts Center. 


FRAY: Sept. 22, 2016, Gowanus Loft

The woven structure is a powerful representation of strength and weakness. I create my own canvases to produce paintings that illustrate the possibilities of working in multiple dimensions by adding depth and texture to the spatial aspects of the piece as well as the dimension of time. We function within society rigidly adhering to the assumed understanding of the concept of time. It is in every way that matters linear; simply stated, one thing happens before the next and after the previous. The heart beats. It follows the beat that preceded it and is, hopefully, followed by another. From the unconscious functioning of our organs to the sharing of our lives with family and friends, we draw lines to connect our experiences together, marking moments as we move. The act of weaving is linear also; however, I deviate from that prescribed path, utilizing color, tension, and density to take timelines off the straight and into the abstract path, curved by the forces of mass and gravity I am guided. 

The appeal of mastering an ancient art so that I can explore its limits and define its future is irresistible. It is intuition that creates structure and whether shorn, shed, or created in a lab, every material that initially passes through my hands informs all that follows. A dialogue with the medium means that the colors and composition chosen fulfill the purpose of the piece. My woven paintings allow for color and space to interact adjacent to the interaction of medium. Where fiber acts as a ground, color acts as the figure. Where dimension is meaning, artwork is produced. I use color to create perceptual groupings of form that allow for magic and mystery, producing a space where viewers can impose their own story, their own explanation.These objects, representing and embodying timelines, are simultaneously milestones in my own life, having been born and bred within the context of my life’s moments. A viewer can place themselves within the woven structure (there is room for them) and find a way to use the abstraction as a mirror into their own lives—whether from the past to the present to the future or in some other order. 


"Fray" opens on Thursday the 22nd. 


Fray is the unravelling edge of a textile, exposing the structure of the material, through time. The exhibition FRAY, on view from September 22nd to the 26th at Gowanus Loft gallery in Brooklyn, presents the work developed by the eight Artists in Residence at the Textile Arts Center. Over a period of nine months, from October 2015 to June 2016, the artists in Fray delved into concepts of landscape, time, form and storytelling, individually and as a group. The work showcased in the exhibition represents each artist’s process of exploration of these topics and features techniques ranging from weaving to inflatables, marbling and bobbin lace, proposing new visions for textiles in contemporary art.


I rarely share the design objects I create but I'm looking forward to a handful of collaborations with furniture designers! Here is a beach towel, made with love and enjoyed with friends! Stay Tuned for more!


It was a pleasure to share my process and recent work at the Sag Harbor Watchcase Design Projects Artist Salon Series. Thank you to everyone who attended! 


It's going to be a busy month in the studio getting ready for FRAY. Save the date -Opening Sept 22.  


For the past 3 weeks, I've been working with friend, artist Yto Barrada in Tangier, Morocco with Natural Dyes! Its been an incredible journey exploring all that this land has to offer us. And a pleasure to be working with the woman of Darna, a group of local weavers with whom we have been workshopping dyes and bundle dying.


This week I installed three pieces at the Watchcase Projects in Sag Harbor, organized by Dale Cohen Design. Its great to see these pieces in a home space! 


I'm super excited to be participating in "Blood of Women" curated by Manuela de Leonardis who has collected cloth sanitary pads used to absorb mentrual blood until the early sixties. She found them in the market of the Olympic Village in Rome. These linen rectangles of 49x47 cm approx. - white or ivory – were never used or washed and were stored amongst household linens; These objects belonged to anonymous women and some have frayed edges, some are initialed predominantly embroidered with red thread. Manuela has invited international artists to work with these cloths with full creative freedom. The exhibition will take place in Marsala, Sicilty on October 28th. 


Check out LA Times review of "Standard Incomparable" at the Armory Center in Pasadena, CA. Weavers from around the world were invited by artist, Helen Mirra, to create a woven panel based off of the size and shape of our hands using local, un-dyed materials. It was a pleasure to participate! 


It was a pleasure to have Jamie Martinez of Arte Fuse to my studio. Check out our interview!


My studio-mates and I are hosting an "Open Studio" event on Saturday, June 11th. 505 Carroll Street, 2nd floor at the Textile Arts Center. New work to see! 


I am very excited to announce an upcoming solo show, "x/y" being hosted by the Frank Institute (CR10) in Linlithgo, NY. The opening is July, 30th and my installation will be accompanied by video work by Dorothy Lam;zihong, dance performance by Angela Cascone and Jacob Goodhart and original score by Sam Jones. 


Thanks to the New York Guild of Handweavers for coming out to my studio this weekend! Check out their blogpost about the visit here

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