Mordant explores the intersections of food, color, and textiles as they differ across culture and space in a series of interactive dinner experiences. The menu is prepared by me or in collaboration with local chefs and served upon a tablecloth I wove by hand or in collaboration with local weavers. We use local ingredients and local fibers. 


The meal is served in such a way that the food inevitably meets the cloth, demonstrating the color and dye potential of the ingredients cooked with the fibers woven. Prepared to leave lasting marks, I translate each dinner into a canvas which then becomes an homage to the ingredients, fibers and persons of a particular evening and place. 


In collaboration with filmmaker Kristin Kremers, we are producing a documentary series that examines the ubiquitousness of textiles with a focus on the female experience and textiles as women's work. For more information, please contact us at



Mordant was iterated in New York (USA), Sofia (Bulgaria), Cincu (Romania), and Frederick (USA). 

Special Thanks to: 
Kristin Kremers
Marlene Stanciu and Kraft Made
Zayaan Kahn
Abigail Doan
Florica Zaharia
 Second House
 Wynne Noble
 New York Textile Month
 Blue Birds
 World of Co
Frederick Arts Council
Dierdre Shea
 Textile Arts Center
Museum of Arts and Design
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