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Fabric Witnesses: Hiddur Mitzvah, Future Artifacts, and Other Speculations


"Fabric Witnesses: Hiddur Mitzvah, Future Artifacts, and Other Speculations'' is a collection of reflections on Jewish textile objects from the perspective of a diverse group of Jewish artists. This exploration was sparked by my own journey into what it means to identify as Jewish without necessarily adhering to religious practices. The speculations presented here, gathered from others and myself, aim to explore the symbiotic relationship between us and the objects we hold dear. Through research, collaboration, and compilation, this book has helped me realize that we infuse as much meaning and identity into the objects we cherish as they offer us in return. How and why does this dynamic exist, and how enduring is it?


Jews have been nomadic for centuries and the collection of voices and hands in this book demonstrates that. Just as our ancestors have found home across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, we too come from a variety of contexts around the globe. Coming together as a network of connected friends, we do not intend to holistically represent the vastness of our common heritage, but instead we share with you, a collection of stories and materials that demonstrate personal appreciation for textiles and the study of ritual objects. Thank you for engaging with our stories. 


The spirit of this book stands in solidarity with the Palestinians facing genocide in Gaza. May we see an end to warfare and the establishment of a lasting peace across the future of time and space."

Contributions from: 


Amanda Cohen
Alex Goldberg
Lyndsie Levine
Victoria Manganiello
Jessica Mitrani
Sylvia Tenenbaum
Jesse Mordine Young
Adam Zucker ​

Printed in residence at Directangle Press
With support from NYU Jewish Studies Department


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